How to make the rehoming process straightforward and safe

Putting a pet up for adoption is never easy. But following our tips can help make the process that little bit more straightforward. Here are some important things to do once you’ve decided to rehome your pet.

Create a great profile for your pet

Give your pet the best chance of finding their forever home by creating a profile that shows how great they are! Add lots of detail and upload your best pictures so potential adopters get a good sense of your pet and can judge whether they can offer them the right home. 

Share lots of information with potential adopters

Potential adopters will probably have lots of questions. To speed up the process, make sure you include essential information in your pet’s profile and be ready to share more details if asked. As well as basic information such as breed and age, include the following: 

  • Your pet’s history: how long you’ve had them, where you got them from and why you need to rehome them
  • Details about who your pet has lived with, eg children and other pets
  • Your pet’s favourite activities and toys
  • A description of their personality, preferences and habits
  • Anything they're scared of such as fireworks, people in uniform, other animals
  • The type of food they eat including the brand and amount. 
  • Allergies, health conditions, and any medications your pet takes 
  • Spay or neuter status 
  • State if they’ve been microchipped or not

Be honest about behavioural issues

It’s essential to be honest about any behavioural issues or bad traits. If your pet is aggressive or has ever bitten or hurt someone, you should not list them on PetRehomer. Please contact us if you have any questions or you’re unsure about this.