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Giving up a dog

Most people only want the best for their pets, but sometimes this means making a tough decision. If giving up your dog is the right thing to do, PetRehomer can help. We’re not here to judge or pry – we simply offer a safe and straightforward way to find a loving home for your dog. 

Why use PetRehomer to give up your dog? 

When you give up your dog through PetRehomer, you stay in full control of the process. You’ll be in direct contact with pre-screened people who are interested in adopting your dog, so you can choose the best home. 

Once you’ve chosen an adopter, you’ll meet them in person when they come to collect your dog. If something doesn’t feel right or you change your mind, you can back out at any point up until handing your dog over. 

Because we’re a direct rehoming service, your dog will go straight from your home to their new one. This means they won’t have to stay in a rescue centre or shelter – situations that many dogs find stressful and scary. 

Giving up a dog with behavioural problems

If your dog is uncontrollable, aggressive or dangerous, please do not list them on PetRehomer. Get in touch with a rescue centre instead. 

We ask everyone who lists a dog on PetRehomer to be honest and transparent about their dog’s history and behaviour. If your dog has mild behavioural issues or quirks, and you’re not sure whether PetRehomer is the right way to rehome them, get in touch for a chat. 

Giving up a dog in an emergency 

Unfortunately, we can’t take in dogs who need emergency rehoming because we’re not a rescue centre and don’t have any facilities of our own. If your dog is in danger right now or you think they’re dangerous, get in touch with a rescue centre as soon as it’s safe.

Giving up a dog temporarily 

PetRehomer helps people find permanent homes for their dogs. We can’t help you organise temporary or foster care. 

The thought of giving up your dog for good is painful. So if you’re considering temporary or foster care because you’re not ready to rehome them, or perhaps you think your situation will change soon, we encourage you not to rush. Dogs like stability and consistency, so moving from home to home can be really stressful and confusing for them. 

As soon as the adopter leaves your house with the dog, they become the legal owner. So please don’t make any big decisions until you’re sure it’s the right thing to do. 

If you or your dog is experiencing domestic abuse, you might be able to find temporary or foster care through a charity like Dogs Trust Freedom Project.

Giving up an old dog or a dog with health problems 

We know that some people can no longer afford their dog’s vets bills or they may become too unwell to care for a dog that’s old or also poorly. We welcome dogs of all ages, abilities and health conditions at PetRehomer. However, you must be completely honest about your dog’s age and condition. 

Lots of people are willing to rehome an old dog or a dog that has a chronic condition. All we ask is that you give as much information as possible in your dog’s profile and answer any questions from adopters honestly. This will help make sure your dog is adopted by someone who can give them the right care. 

Here are some things to include in your dog’s profile:

  • Names of any illnesses, conditions or allergies 
  • Medication name, dose and cost
  • Name of any operations they’ve had or need
  • Cost of vets bills
  • Special dietary requirements 
  • Details of how their condition affects their day-to-day life. For example: do they find it hard to run or get upstairs? 

Next steps

If you’re ready to give up your dog, take a look at these guides we’ve created to help support you through the process: