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Giving up a rabbit

Sometimes, life doesn’t go to plan. And even though you love your pets, you might end up in a situation where you have to find them a new home. If you need to give up your rabbit, PetRehomer can help. 

Why use PetRehomer to give up your rabbit?

We believe that you’re the best person to pick your rabbit’s next home. When you use PetRehomer, you’ll be in direct contact with pre-screened potential adopters. This gives you a chance to ask questions and find the right home for your rabbit. 

Using PetRehomer means that your rabbit will go straight from your home to their new home, instead of having a temporary stay in a rescue centre. This will be less stressful and disruptive for them in the long run. 

Giving up your rabbit in an emergency 

PetRehomer isn’t a rescue centre so we’re not able to take in animals who need emergency care. If you or your rabbit is in danger, or if they need emergency rehoming for any other reason, please contact a rescue centre. 

Giving up your rabbit temporarily

PetRehomer helps people find permanent homes for their pets. We’re not able to organise temporary care. 

If you think your situation might change or if you’re not ready to give up your rabbit for good, please think carefully before you list them on PetRehomer. Once you’ve handed over your rabbit to their new guardian, you won’t be able to get them back.

Giving up an old rabbit or a rabbit with health problems

If your rabbit has an ongoing health condition or if they’re in the later stages of their life, you can still find them a new home through PetRehomer. 

To make sure your rabbit is adopted by someone who can give them the right care, please be honest about their condition and give lots of information in their profile. 

Here are some things to include: 

  • Names of any illnesses, conditions or allergies 
  • Medication name, dose and cost
  • Name of any operations they’ve had or need
  • Cost of vets bills
  • Special dietary requirements 
  • Details of how their condition affects their day-to-day life. For example: do they find it hard to run, burrow or hop? 

Next steps

If you’re ready to give up your rabbit, these guides will help you know what to expect: