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Giving up a cat

From relationship breakdowns to a change in financial circumstances, there are many reasons why you might have to give up your cat. We know this is a difficult decision so we’re here to make the process as simple as possible. 

Why use PetRehomer to give up your cat?

With PetRehomer, you get to decide who adopts your cat. You know your cat best, so we think you’re the right person to choose their next home. 

Anyone interested in your cat will message you through PetRehomer once they have been screened by our team. This gives you a chance to view their profile and decide if they can give your cat a good home. You’ll also get to message and meet the adopter in person. At every stage, it’s not too late to change your mind if something doesn’t feel right.

PetRehomer is a good choice if you’re worried about your cat going into a rescue centre. We offer a direct rehoming service so your cat will go straight to their new home instead of having a temporary stay in a cattery. This will be less disruptive and give them a better chance of settling in to their new life. 

Giving up your cat in an emergency 

If your cat needs to be rehomed immediately – perhaps because you’re in danger or they are – get in touch with a rescue centre. We don’t have our own facilities so we can’t take in any animals. 

Giving up your cat temporarily

Unfortunately, we can’t help you find temporary care for your cat. 

If you’re considering temporary care because you’re not ready to give up your cat or you think your situation will change soon, don’t rush into anything. Once you’ve handed over your cat to their new guardian, you won’t be able to get them back. So please only list your cat if you’re sure it’s the right thing to do. 

Giving up an old cat or a cat with health problems

Many people are willing to adopt older cats or cats with health problems. So if your cat is in the later stages of their life or has a chronic condition, you can still find them a new home on PetRehomer. 

To make sure your cat is adopted by someone who can give them the right care, please give lots of information in their profile – for example: 

  • Names of any illnesses, conditions or allergies 
  • Medication name, dose and cost
  • Name of any operations they’ve had or need
  • Cost of vets bills
  • Special dietary requirements 
  • Details of how their condition affects their day-to-day life. For example: do they find it hard to run or get upstairs?

Next steps

If you’ve decided giving up your cat is the right thing to do, these guides will support you through the process: