Top tips for adopters

How to make the adoption process go smoothly 

At PetRehomer, we want all adoptions to be a ‘happy ever after’ – for humans and pets alike. So before you start the process, check out our top tips for a successful adoption

Create a strong profile

Create your adopter profile before you make an enquiry. Include lots of information about you, your home, your lifestyle, whether you’ve had pets before, and what kind of pet you’re looking for. You’re more likely to get chosen by a rehomer if you have a great profile. 

Don’t take the conversation off PetRehomer 

For everyone’s safety, only chat with rehomers using our online messaging service. Don’t share any personal information such as email address or phone number, home address, or bank details. If anyone asks you for these, let us know immediately. 

Find a pet that suits your lifestyle

To maximise your chances of success, only apply for pets that match your lifestyle and the level of commitment you’re able to offer. 

For example, if you live in a city and plan to take your new dog to busy urban parks, don’t apply for a nervous dog who’s only ever lived in the countryside. If you need a dog who can be left on their own occasionally, don’t apply for a dog with separation anxiety. If you don’t want an indoor cat, apply for a cat that’s used to going outside. If you can’t commit to regular, daily dog walks, a cat or rabbits would probably be a better option for you. 

Ask lots of questions

Asking the PetRehomer team and the rehomer lots of questions is another great way to find the right pet and make sure you can give them everything they need, too. 

Get the right paperwork 

Make sure you ask the rehomer for the details of the pet’s current vet, their vaccination records, microchip details, flea and worming treatments, and any other relevant paperwork.

Only go through with the adoption if you’re sure 

As soon as the pet is handed over to you, you become their legal owner. You can’t return them to their original home if you change your mind and PetRehomer isn’t a rescue service so we can’t take them into our care, either. 

As such, you should only go through with the adoption if you’re 100% sure it’s right. If the rehomer agrees, you can visit your potential new pet a couple of times before making a final decision. Use our checklist when you visit the pet to help make sure you've covered the important considerations.

Checklist for cat adopters
Checklist for dog adopters
Checklist for rabbit adopters

Be sensitive and respectful towards the rehomer

For most people, giving up a pet for adoption is heart-breaking. Please bear this in mind when you’re chatting to a rehomer. Don’t contact them once you’ve taken your new pet home – speak to us first. 

Get in touch with us if you’re having problems

PetRehomer is a direct rehoming service, not a rescue organisation. We don’t have the facilities or means to take pets into our care. However, we offer a post-adoption support service so please get in touch immediately if you’re having any issues or you’ve got any questions.