Testimonials from Rehomers

We understand how difficult it can be to give up a pet. Our team of animal lovers are here to help at every step of the way, and we do our best to make the process as straightforward as possible, enabling you to choose your pet's new home.
But don't just take our word for it.
Here are some testimonials from people who have used us to find their pet's new home.

From Louise, Donnie's Rehomer

"We have had such an amazing experience using PetRehomer to find somebody to adopt our 7 year old Springer x Pointer. The website was really easy to use, the team kept in touch to keep us updated on progress, and they also did marketing in our county to help find him a new home without having to travel too far.

We found an adopter within a week and the vetting process, done by the PetRehomer team, was very thorough and our dog now has the perfect new home. It is obviously a very emotional decision and PetRehomer has made it as painless as possible, I can't recommend them enough!"

From Yusra, Yuuki's Rehomer

"I am absolutely amazed with how good PetRehomer is. I had sent details for my cat and within a week found a suitable family for her. There was so much communication and reassurance. My cat now has a lovely new home. They also took good measures in assuring that the home was suitable and safe for my cat.

Would definitely recommend for anyone looking to rehome their cat and not having to worry about who will be adopting their loved pet."

From Hayley, Teddy's Rehomer

"Through this website and service, I was able to rehome my dog to the perfect family! I was able to see their home in photos, read all about them, and then was able to contact them (fully monitored) to talk more about my dog, their home life, what they could offer my dog that I couldn't etc.

The lady Colleen who dealt with our case was wonderful, so so lovely and through them, my dog is now happy and has all the attention and stimulation he needs. Couldn't be happier! 1000000% recommend using this website to rehome your pet. It was such an incredibly hard decision as I loved my dog so so much, but they made it so much easier to find the right people for him."

From Faisal, Titi's Rehomer

"I recently needed to rehome my rabbit, Titi, after she sadly lost her bonded partner.

PetRehomer was fantastic throughout the process. Colleen, in particular, was incredibly helpful. She took the time to ensure a perfect match for adoption. Colleen thoroughly verified the suitability of the new home, providing me with complete information about the adopter's experience and ability to care for a rabbit. This gave me great peace of mind.

The entire rehoming process with PetRehomer was smooth and easy. I'm so grateful for their help finding Titi a loving new home where she can hopefully bond with a new partner quickly. Thank you, Colleen and PetRehomer!"

From Sally, the sister of Maggie & Mollie's Rehomer

"I am reviewing on behalf of myself and sister whom found herself in a delicate and very difficult decision which resulted in her having to rehome her 2 beautiful tortoiseshells. I was cautious of the process at first, as I have only ever known bricks and mortar rehoming centres. This was all very new to us and I approached with trepidation. However, after speaking with Jenni I was put at ease and felt we had to trust their experience.

The potential new placement for the girls was home checked and a group chat was set up. A video call followed and within days, due to a shortened time frame- the girls, my sister and I met.

We were so relieved and that such a kind and gentle person was found for Maggie and Mollie...
Cat people are good people!
Trust this process. It works.
Sally, Melody and Family x"

From Li, Gummy's Rehomer

"I would like to say a big thank you to PetRehomer, especially Eden and Colleen, for their excellent service and big care for my cat rehoming.

It had been very emotional and sad for me. But PetRehomer made me less worried and eventually, completely relieved. My cat has now found a dreamy home and the whole process only took two weeks.

I am deeply touched by PetRehomer’s promise and efforts to pet care. I would recommend everyone who needs to rehome their loving pets. Thanks again!"

From Liam, Jake's Rehomer

"I just wanted to let you know that 'Pirate' Jake has now gone to his new home, to be with his new family.

We are definitely going to stay in touch.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you & the team at PetRehomer have done to make this happen safely and smoothly.

Kind regards

From Phil, Alfie's Rehomer

"You guys offer an amazing service, and I'm truly impressed with the whole system. How important the welfare of the animal is, and the emphasis on making sure that it's a good match for both pet and adopter.

Will definitely recommend PetRehomer to anyone who tells me they might want to adopt a pet.

Regards, Phil"

From Fatimah, Hazel's Rehomer

"Hi, I'm Fatimah,

I was looking to rehome my kitten Hazel and I came across PetRehomer. From start to finish the service was great, along the way I was getting all the information I needed, so I knew what was happening at all stages.

Within 2 weeks Hazel has gone to a beautiful home and I'm so happy for her and would recommend PetRehomer to everyone that needs a pet rehomed. x"

From Mair, Ezra's Rehomer

"Hi PetRehomer Team,
Just a quick note to say a great big thank you for your help and support with rehoming my much loved and lovely Ezra.
It was such a tough decision to make and one I didn't arrive at lightly, I love the bones of Ezra and it was breaking my heart seeing him so miserable. Thank you for the kindness through the process and for helping me to find a home where he can thrive.
I'm chuffed to bits he's living with Emily, he could not have wished for a better match or a more loving home to arrive at. I wasn't sure how he'd cope but he's has been doing beautifully. It was bittersweet saying goodbye, but seeing him so relaxed with Emily after such a short space of time has reassured me that putting his well being before my own was absolutely the right decision.
In a quiet home he is a different cat, more relaxed, full of purrs, friendly to all and using the litter tray! It's amazing, whilst I'm sad for myself I'm so, so happy for him and Emily - they're a great match.
As well as opening her home to Ezra, Emily has been incredibly sweet to me and has been kind enough to keep me updated on Ezra's progress. This is something I'm really grateful for and is definitely a huge benefit of rehoming him via Petrehomer.
Thank you so much for helping Ezra find his happiness, he can't tell you himself but he's incredibly grateful.
Best wishes, Mair"

From Bernard & Luci (Rehomers) pictured with Luke (Adopter)

"We are so happy that we have been able to rehome Luna directly to a loving new home.

Luna is a cat that loves people and we didn't think she'd do well, especially at her age, in a rescue centre. This has been such a relief! We love the service that PetRehomer is providing, and the effort you make to find a good quality home for the pets"

From Anita, Dee Dee's Rehomer

"We have successfully rehomed our lovely cat. We found the most wonderful home for him through your website. We are happy, the family are happy. Most of all, the cat looks very happy!

Thank you so much for all your help!"

From Becky, Ted's Rehomer

"Thank you so much for all of your help. You’ve made a difficult decision be as smooth as possible and I’ve found a loving home for Ted through the PetRehomer charity x"

From Beth, Casper's Rehomer

"I’m sharing my experience of rehoming Casper as I hope it might help others facing a similar situation.

I was feeling very sad and guilty about having to part with Casper. But after finding petrehomer.org via a post on Facebook, I decided to approach them for help. I liked the idea of connecting rehomers and adopters directly, and the positive and non-judgmental tone of the website.

I created a profile for Casper, and a volunteer from PetRehomer followed up to chat through everything. She completely understood the emotional turmoil involved, which reassured me. Casper’s profile was posted online soon after and I heard from prospective adopters within days. By sheer luck the first was from a local family, just 5-minutes drive away.

We chatted for a bit, and they invited us over to meet them and see their home. That went really well, so they came to meet Casper. He was on his best behaviour that day, and even let them feed him by hand. The chemistry was clearly right from Casper’s point of view, and so we agreed to go ahead with the adoption!

Petrehomer arranged an adopter home check within a few days, and Casper moved in with his new family a few weeks later. It was hard to let him go, but I knew it was the right thing to do.

The first few weeks were nerve wracking as we waited to see how Casper would settle in. Now, a few months on, he is very much at home with his new family and enjoying life. He really has landed on his feet and I don’t think he has looked back!"

From Costina, Gus' Rehomer

"I just want to say a huge "Thank you" to everybody at the PetRehomer charity. My cat was collected today by a very lovely family ( I am so happy for my Cat, Gus!) It was a quick rehoming process and you are all very professional!

Thank you,