Adopter's Testimonials

We believe that adopting a pet through the PetRehomer service is a great way to find your new BFF. But don't just take our word for it.
Take a look at some of the feedback from our adopters!

Here's what Robert said, following the successful adoption of Arlo...

"I recently used PetRehomer to adopt a beautiful cat named Arlo! They were brilliant from start to finish. They speak with both parties and make sure everyone is happy, so they really make an effort to get the right information to recommend what is best for the cat.

The team were amazing, informative and always on stand by if any questions are needed. I believe this is a great alternative to getting a cat from Gumtree/Facebook etc. With 100% more safety procedures. It also takes the stress away from the rehomer, as they can be sure effort has been made to find the best home.

Finally it's a pleasure to be able to help a service, who have a bunch on wonderful volunteers going out of their way to help our pets. Saving alot of stress on shelters which are usually full up!
10/10 thank you so much!"

Here's what Mary said, following the adoption of Roscoe...

"PetRehomer was recommended to me by a friend and we have had a fantastic experience from start to finish. It can be a difficult process for both owners and adopters but Jenni's communication with us was great throughout, and continued once our new dog was with us, making sure he was settled and happy, as well as us. She was very supportive and reassuring throughout the whole process and we have found an amazing dog who just fitted in right away and is very much loved in his new home!
I would not hesitate to recommend PetRehomer."

Here's what Jordan said, following the successful adoption of Potato...

"The charity are amazing and the volunteers are so helpful. They put the well-being of pets at the forefront, and make sure that they are well cared for!

I was originally contacted by Colleen about my application for Potato (Rabbit) and quickly put in contact with Karen for a home check appointment. Soon after I was out in contact with Potato’s owners and Colleen to further discuss the adoption process and Potato. I can’t fault this charity in any way at all; very ethical and align with my own morals. I am glad I used the charity due to their morals and support!

Here's what Ruth said, following the adoption of Kiyah...

"Such attentive, lovely people that just want the best for animals looking for new homes. Jenni has been so helpful and just wanted to help us to find our forever dog!

We were also fortunate to receive support with her spaying procedure."

From Nicole, Snoop's new pet parent...

"A brilliant service!
Yesterday we picked up our new cat, Snoop. PetRehomer made everything super easy. We enquired about Snoop, got a call back, and submitted our adoption fee to reserve Snoop. We got a home checked booked in really quickly and then were connected to the owner through PetRehomer.

They were helpful during the whole process and gave advice and guidance where needed.
Really happy with the Charity's service and so lucky to have our new addition!!!"

Here's what Lin said, following the adoption of senior dog, Alfie...

"I was lucky enough to discover PetRehomer through a Facebook post that someone had shared. We now have the gorgeous Alfie as part of our family and we can’t thank PetRehomer, and in particular, Colleen enough.

From the moment I sent an email I was dealt with quickly and efficiently. Nothing was too much trouble and the application process was smooth and trouble free. It was an absolutely seamless transition and the care and communication from Colleen was exemplary.

Thank you so much for such a positive pleasurable adoption. We are absolutely delighted."

Here's what Ann said following the adoption of Oreo...

"I was looking for a small dog as a companion. After searching several large rescue kennels I was disappointed that I could not find what I was looking for. My grandsons found PetRehomer on line.

With the support of volunteers and Jenni I found my beautiful companion. He is the perfect pet.

PetRehomer is still in contact with me to make sure that everything is alright. The process was so easy. Care is taken to match the pet and new owner. I am so happy with Oreo. Thank you PetRehomer.

Here's what Ramona said following the adoption of Biscuit...

"After losing my little Frenchie in July, I really felt I needed to offer another dog a good home, and felt my other little dog, Dolly would enjoy the company again. After looking for a while, I came across Biscuit on PetRehomer; she has the cutest little face.

I applied for her and was really impressed just how smooth it all went , Colleen is lovely and the communication was great.

After the home check meeting we had a 'meet and greet' with Biscuit and it’s been two weeks now since we brought her home, and she is settling in nicely - she definitely feels at home in our house!

I would definitely recommend PetRehomer."

From Amanda, Hobbes new owner (previously called Simba)

"I am so grateful to have found Pet Rehomer! We really wanted to add a younger cat to our family as we had an elderly lady cat and her younger brother who needed a playmate.

We’d struggled so much with traditional rescue agencies until we found PetRehomer and we’re able to adopt our gorgeous little boy Hobbes! PetRehomer were superb throughout, and the whole process was completely stress free for us.

Hobbes has settled in as if he’s always been here and we are over the moon! Immense thanks to everyone at PetRehomer!"

Here's what Sassy's adopter, Derek said...

"We got our wonderful cat, Sassy from PetRehomer. Naturally they had to check us out before releasing Sassy to us but the process was friendly and simple.

Within a few days we arranged collection of Sassy from her temporary home.

Again, a friendly and simple process. Having got Sassy home she took a few days to settle and build her confidence, but she has turned into a very loving cat who alternates between exploring our garden and demanding cuddles.

PetRehomer also included her in their neuter scheme by paying 75% of the cost.

She’s wonderful and all we had hoped for.



Here's what Cathy said following the adoption of Parker...

"As first-time potential dog owners, we had many questions around the rehoming process and whether we would be the right place for Parker. Jenni was extremely patient and understanding, guiding both us and his original family though an emotional time.

It’s fair to say Parker has boundless energy and enthusiasm – which we wanted in our busy family – but we had less experience of how to create calm. Jenni put us in touch with a wonderful behaviourist, Katrin, to support us settle
Parker into our routines and build his trust.

3 months on and we have all adjusted to the chaos and companionship our new family member has brought. Everyone comments on what a lovely dog he is
and we do feel lucky to have been able to give him a new home. Thank you so much everyone at PetRehomer."

Here's what Rollo's new family said...

"We are delighted with Rollo. He's a really friendly dog who has fitted in with our family. He quickly fitted in to our routine and we've even been on holiday with him.

The PetRehomer service was great, and we were fully supported at every step of the way. It was very straightforward. We knew we wanted Rollo, and so we applied, and then we were contacted by the volunteer team who answered all our questions. Then we reserved him, had our home check, and once that was done, we went to meet him at his owner's house.  We knew right away that we wanted him, so we took him home, but you can visit multiple times if you want to before deciding to adopt.

We really do recommend PetRehomer if you are looking for a safe way to adopt a pet!"

From Jo, Shadow's new owner

"When we were looking at adding to our family we wanted to adopt a dog, but wanted to do so responsibly and compassionately for ourselves and the rehomer. The dog was the most important consideration, and PetRehomer gave us all great support for both ourselves and the people we adopted our girl from.

Would 100% recommend."

From Sheena, Smokey's new pet parent

"After our last cat passed away almost a year ago we decided we would finally be ready to welcome another cat into our home. We adopted Smokey through PetRehomer into our home, and she’s the most adorable cat; we love her to bits.

She is absolutely gorgeous, and perfect for us as we didn't want a kitten. It feels great to be able to give her a loving home.

We are so grateful to PetRehomer and couldn’t recommend them enough."

From Lawrence & Carrie, Ivy's new family

"We’ve been following PetRehomer from the start, when PetRehomer was just an idea. I personally know the Founder of the PetRehomer charity so I knew that the service would be good.

Having rehomed Ivy from PetRehomer we are now keeping in touch on a weekly basis with Ivy’s (or IvyBird as we call her) updates accompanied by my doodles on Saturdays (on the PetRehomer Facebook page - Carrie’s Column).

The process works really well and we are really happy that we were able to find IvyBird and adopt her into our lives. She settled in really well and it’s been a great experience!"

From Colleen, Che's new adopter

"I’m over the moon he is lovely, he’s an absolute dream and he couldn’t be more loved. He’s such a happy boy!
I’m delighted with the service, Thank you PetRehomer."