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Animal Welfare Is Our Top Priority

Our guide to adoption

Every pet deserves to be safe, respected and loved. So we’re on a mission to make sure all pets in need of a home are adopted by the right people. 

Before starting the adoption process we recommend that you check if you're ready and learn about how to properly care for your chosen pet. If you're sure you are set up to offer a good home, we'd love to help you find a pet that's right for you.

Because pet welfare is always our priority, we’ve set out some rules. Some of these rules apply to everyone and some of them depend on the type of pet you want to adopt.  
As well as protecting pets, these rules will help you decide if you’re in the right position to adopt. 

If you want to adopt a pet through PetRehomer, you must…

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Prove your identity with photo ID such as a driving license or passport
  • Prove your home address with a utility bill, mortgage statement or similar official document from the past three months
  • Get permission from your landlord or check the terms of your lease before you start the adoption process to make sure you’re allowed a pet 
  • Agree to having a home check
  • Agree to buy your pet appropriate food, equipment and shelter
  • Agree to continue with any training or behavioural rehabilitation
  • Agree to pay for veterinary care, regular flea and worm treatments, and neutering if the pet is old enough
  • Agree to care for your pet’s mental and physical health at all times
  • Seriously consider taking out pet insurance. We strongly encourage everyone to get their pets insured

You cannot adopt a pet through PetRehomer if…

  • You or anyone you live with has ever been convicted of an offence relating to animals
  • You own or live with an unneutered animal that’s the same species as the pet you want to adopt
  • You plan to use this pet for breeding, hunting, racing, fighting, entertainment or any other ‘non pet’ or illegal activity
  • The pet is a gift for someone else

Rules for adopting a dog

If you want to adopt a dog through PetRehomer, you must…

  • Have enough space for them to live inside. You’ll fail the home check if we suspect you plan to chain or tether them up outside. In rare cases, it may be better for a certain breed to live outside but we’ll discuss this with you if needed
  • Be able to give them the amount of exercise they need
  • Be able to let them outside to go to the toilet regularly 
  • Make sure they’re not left on their own for longer than they can cope with. The maximum is usually four hours but for many dogs, it’s less
  • Not crate or confine them for long periods of time
  • Never use shock collars or anti-bark collars
If you are sure that adopting a dog is for you, please also take a look at our guidelines, Preparing For Your New Dog.

Rules for adopting a cat

If you want to adopt a cat through PetRehomer, you must…

  • Not live on a busy road, unless you’re adopting an indoor cat.
  • Allow the cat to have outdoor access if this is what they’re used to. If you don’t have a cat flap, you’ll need to let them outside regularly
  • Give them the opportunity to go to the toilet, using a litter tray or by letting them outside regularly
  • Not own or live in a house with a dog or other pet that isn’t used to cats

If you are sure that adopting a cat is for you, please also take a look at our guidelines, Preparing For Your New Cat.

Rules for adopting a rabbit

If you want to adopt a rabbit through PetRehomer, you must…

  • Already have a rabbit or adopt two rabbits at the same time. They’re social creatures who need to have company
  • Make sure the rabbit’s accommodation meets the minimum welfare standards. The more space your rabbit has, the better. At the absolute minimum, a pair of small-to-medium sized rabbits should have a space that’s at least 3m x 2m x 1m or 10ft x 3ft x 6ft (length x width x height).
  • Send us photos and measurements of the rabbit’s accommodation
  • Show proof that your existing rabbit has been neutered 

If you are sure that adopting a rabbit is for you, please also take a look at our guidelines, Preparing For Your New Rabbit.