How It Works For Rehomers

For most people, rehoming a pet is a really difficult but necessary decision. We know you want the best for them so we’re here to help. To make the rehoming process as straightforward and safe as possible, here’s a guide to how it works.

1. Create your pet's profile

To attract the most suitable adopters, create a detailed profile of your pet. Make sure you include:
  • Their breed, age, size, any health conditions, if they’ve been spayed or neutered.
  • Description of their personality, habits, likes and dislikes, how much exercise they’re used to.
  • What sort of home they need. Could they potentially live with other pets or children? Are they used to having a garden or outdoor access? 
  • Recent pictures. Use square or landscape images in .jpeg or .jpg format.

2. Review applications and chat with potential adopters

When someone is interested in your pet, they’ll message you through PetRehomer and you’ll get a notification.
  • Ask the adopter questions about their lifestyle, living arrangements, experience of having similar pets, and if they have children or other pets. 
  • Rule out people who can’t give your pet the right home. Try not to worry about offending anyone  – the most important thing is to find a suitable home for your pet. 
  • To keep all humans and pets safe, don’t take the conversation off PetRehomer, share your contact details or ask the adopter for theirs. 
  • Reply quickly (and honestly!) when people ask you questions. 

3. Choose an Adopter

When you find a potential new home for your pet, you confirm on the website then we notify the adopter.
  • The adopter pays the adoption fee to reserve your pet. This is fully refundable and held securely.
  • Once the funds have been received, no one else can apply for your pet. 
  • If you had more than one application, you can keep a shortlist in case things don’t go to plan with your first choice. 

4. Home Check

To make sure the adopter’s home is suitable for your pet, we arrange a professional and independent home check.
  • The PetRehomer team decides if the homecheck is to be carried out in-person or online. Home checks for rabbits are always done online. 
  • In-person home checks usually take at least a week to organise. Online checks tend to happen sooner.   
  • The home checker shares their report with us and we make our recommendations. 
  • If the adopter doesn’t pass the home check, we’ll be in touch to discuss your options.

5. Confirm the Adoption

When an adopter passes the home check…
  • Arrange for the adopter to meet the pet at your house.
  • If everyone is happy on the day, the adopter can take the pet home.
  • If something doesn’t feel right, you don’t have to go through with the adoption. 
  • The adopter becomes the legal owner of your pet as soon as they leave your house with the pet. So please make sure you’re comfortable with everything before allowing them to take your pet home

For more information, check out our FAQs and tips for rehomers.