How It Works For Adopters

To guide you through adoption, and so you know what to expect, we’ve broken the process down into five steps.

1. Create your profile and search for a pet

  • Set up your profile (including photos) in minutes
  • Describe your home and routine so rehomers can see if it’s right for their pet
  • Start your search!

2. Let us know when you find a pet you’re interested in

When you find a pet you’re interested in…
  • Make your application using our online enquiry service
  • If we think you’re a good match, we’ll approve your application and profile, and pass it on to the rehomer 
  • If we need to ask for more information at this stage we’ll contact you 

3. The rehomer will review your application

  • The rehomer will decide if they want to take your application to the next stage.
  • If so, you’ll need to pay a refundable adoption fee to reserve the pet. If the adoption falls through, you’ll get all your money back.
  • A member of our team will contact you to discuss next steps and answer any questions you may have.

4. Have a home check and chat to the rehomer

A home check helps us make sure your living environment is right for this pet. Chatting to the rehomer gives you more chance to decide if you and this pet are a good match. 
  • We’ll let you know if your home check is to be done in-person or online. Home checks for rabbits are always done online. 
  • You can chat with the rehomer using our online messaging service. We suggest you ask lots of questions about the pet’s personality, diet, health and habits. 
  • We use the results of the home check to make our recommendations to the rehomer. 
  • Equally, if you change your mind or don’t think you can give this pet the home they need, now is a good time to say! 

5. Adopt your new pet

If the rehomer wants you to adopt their pet…
  • They'll send you a message
  • Get in touch with the rehomer to arrange to meet and collect the pet (you may wish to visit the pet more than once)
  • As soon as you collect the pet, you become their legal owner. So make sure they’re the right pet for you before taking them home.
  • Take your pet to their new home!


The adoption fees charged by PetRehomer are used to help our registered charity fund the cost of operating the rehoming website and the provision of our post adoption advice and support

Our adoption fees are currently:


£295 (Puppies Less than 1 year)

£225 (Young Dogs, 1 to 4 years)

£200 (Adult Dogs, 5 to 9 years)

£175 (Senior Dogs, over 9 years)


£125 (Kittens Less than 1 year)

£100 (Young Cats, 1 to 4 years)

£75 (Mature Cats, 5 to 9 years)

£60 (Senior Cats, over 9)



Bonded pairs of all species that are shown in the same listing do not incur a further charge. We want to do everything possible to help keep these pets together!