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Help us to neuter the UK's pets!

Maybe the time isn't right for you to adopt a pet, however you can help in another way.

Every year thousands of dogs, cats and rabbits are brought into this world through accidental litters, yet we know we don't have enough homes for them!

We don't want to turn away un-neutered pets at PetRehomer

We know that in an ideal world pets should be neutered before being rehomed. But this is real life, and at PetRehomer we want to help adoptable family pets to find their ideal, responsible adopter.

We also recognise that this is an additional cost for an adopter so we have created our Neuter Fund to help the PetRehomer adopters do the right thing.

This is only the start of our journey, but with your help, we hope we can make a positive difference to many of the UK's dogs, cats and rabbits!

PetRehomer is the rehoming service provided by Charity Buddy. We are a registered charity in England no. 1189284.

How will it work?

If you adopt a pet through the PetRehomer service that has not been neutered, we may be able to help towards the cost.

If our fund allows, we will reimburse a proportion of the cost to you after the procedure has been carried out by a qualified vet at a UK veterinary practice.

Every situation is considered on a case by case basis (subject to our Terms & Conditions), and we promise to help where we can.

If you have used our service and would like to request our help, please contact us with details.